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Paytm Money Demat Account


Paytm Money is an online discount broker with a simple pricing model. It offers a fixed , flat fee brokerage plan to its customers. Paytm Money claims to be a leader and pioneer in providing low-cost trading charges.

Your Profit 

Flat Rs200 for each successfull account opening.

Profit Tracking Time

Within 7 Days from the Date the Lead form was Submitted.

Customer Type

Age Group : 21+

Type : New users to Paytm Money only, Having a PAN and Aadhar Card.

User Device : This Link is for android phone user only. 

Eligibility : Regular Income source, want to trade in stock market.

Steps to Open an Account

1. Select and Copy the Link given Below and Share it to Client's Android phone through Whatsapp, Email, Text massage or any other source.

2. Ask the client to click on the shared link, check their basic pre-filled details and add any other required detais, accept the terms & conditions and submit.

3. Once submitted, this lead will automatically get created on your CP-Kendra Account and client will be taken to the google play store to download the Paytm Money app.

4. Ask your Client to login to the Paytm Money app with the same Login ID and Password as the Paytm App. If your Client has a paytm account, they need to sign up.

5. Once your client sign in/sign up, they need to choose stock options to exlore and complete KYC.

6. To Complete KYC ask your client to go to the accounts section of the app.

7. KYC verification incluedes PAN Card verification, other personal details, nominee details, declaration and bank           account verification.

8. once your client has successfully added the bank account , they need to provide stock account details by agreeing to the terms and conditions as per the stock account opening form.

9. your client needs to fill in additional information, upload signature, provide the phone number and email ID for stock communication details.

10. your clients needs to sign up using Aadhar verification, Client phone number should be linked to their Aadhar Card.

11. The Demat Account registration takes 24 hours..

12. Post registration, your client can add funds to their Paytm Money Account and start Trading.

13. Your client needs to do at least one trading for you to be eligible fot the commission.

14. The client UCC(Customer ID) will be created within a few hours once the Demat account is active for Trading.

15. Your client needs to add funds after their UCC is active and make atleast 1 trade within 30 Days of account opening.

Rules Must Be Followed

1. Your Client will have to open Paytm Money Account  using the link which you will provide.

2. Your commission will only be eligible if the client has to make at least 1 Trade through Paytm Money within first 30 Days of the Account opening date.

3. Your client should not open too many accounts in the same location on the same day..

4. Client should not open multiple accounts using a single mobile/laptop 


Now Share this Link To your Client

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