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Equitas  saving Account pays interest of 3.5% p.a. up to Rs 1 Lakh and 6% for balance above 1 Lakh upto 5 Lakhs. The end-to-eprocess of getting a full fledged bank account can be carried out from the comfort of your home through an online zero contact process.

Your Profit 

Flat Rs100 for each successfull account opening.

Profit Tracking Time

Within 7 Days from the Date the Lead form was Submitted.

Customer Type

Age Group : 24-55  Years 

Steps to Open an Account

1. Select and Copy the Link given Below and Share it to Client's Android phone through Whatsapp, Email, Text massage or any other source.

2. Note : Only accounts where users are from Tamilnadu including Pondicherry, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangna, Maharashtra, Pujab, chandigarh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Delhi, and Gujrat will be eligible for the payout.

3. Ask the client to click on the shared link check their basic pre-filled details and add any other required details, accept the terms & conditionsand submit.

4. Once submitted, this lead will automatically get created on your CP-Kendra IDand the client will be taken to the Eqitas Small Finance Bank Selfe Saving account Web Page.

5. Clients needs to complete the rest of the process on the Eqitas Small Finance Bank Selfe Saving account Web Page.

6. Now your client will have to enter their PIN Code which is in their Aadhar Card. Ask them to select the state by entering the PIN code.

7. If your client is unable to choose State, it means Equitas does not have a branch nearby and your client will not be able to open a selfe saving account. 

8. Once state is selected, ask your client to choose Location, Branch, and Click on 'Next' to procedd. 

9. Ask them to enter the name as per Aadhar Card.

10. Enter the Basic details to open selfie saving account and click on ' procedd to Video KYC'.

11. Equitas small finance bank will connect the client to their Video Banking Officer to complete the Video KYC.

12. The client has to select their language for video call preference.

13. The client will have to choose to opt for acheque book and a visa Int Classic debit card ( by paying Rs 118 including GST per annum).

14. The client will be directed to the Terms and Conditions page and has to click on procedd.

15. The client has to allow permission to access Location, Camera, and Mic on their Device.

16. The client can initiate Video KYC between 8am to 9 pm between Monday to Friday.

17. If a video banking officer is availiable, the client has to complete their Full KYC process.

18. Video KYC will only be availiablefrom Monday to Friday and on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month between 8 am to 9 pm.

19. If there is no Video Banking Officer, the client will have to schedulean appointment for the Video KYC and complete the same on the date and time selected. 

20. The client will require their Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Mobile Phone and a white sheet and a pen.


Rules Must Be Followed

1. Your Client will have to open Equitas Small Finance Bank Selfie Savings Account  using the link which you will provide.

2. Tour commission will only be eligible if the client completes the Video KYC with the Video Banking Officer. 

3. Your client should not open too many accounts in the same location on the same day..

4. Client should not open multiple accounts using a single mobile/laptop.


Now Share this Linik To your Client

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