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A personal/Business Loan is a financial offering that can be borrowed to meet your planned and unplanned business expenses.

Your Profit

Flat 1.5% for each successful loan disbursed.

Profit Tracking Time

Within 7 Working Days from the Date the lead form was submitted.


Age Group : 21+ Years 

Steps / How to Apply

1. Select and Copy the Link given Below and Share it to Client's Android phone through Whatsapp, Email, Text massage or any other source.

2. Ask the client to click on the shared link and Fill all the details through given instructions.

3. The Clients needs to Fill the details such as Loan Category, Loan Type, Loan Amount, e.t.c. Agree with Terms and Conditions and click on ' Proceed to Next'.

4. Fill all the personal details such as PAN Number, DOB, and Click on ' Proceed to next'.

5. The client will fill their current address details such as street name, pin code and click on 'Proceed to Next'.

6.The client will fill their Business anual turnover, Business annual profit and click on 'Proceed to Next'.

7. Now client have received a text massage with a link. open the link and click on ' Get OTP'.

8. Enter the OTP and click on ' Verify & Proceed'. Client's Credit score is now visible on screen.

9. Once the client has generated the credit report, go back to the Loan details page and click on ' Refresh'. and click on ; Proceed to Next'.

10. Tap on 'View Offer' for any Loan to know the details including loan amount range, interest rate range, tenure range, e.t.c. You can compare these offers for different loans and choose the best loan for you.

11. Select the Loan that you wish to apply for and click on ' Proceed to Next'.

12. Now your Client's Need to upload all required documents such as Bank statement, Aadhar, PAN in the document Upload section.

13. After Verification The clent will eligible to get their sentioned Loan amount and you will be eligible for your commission.

Rules Must Be Followed

1. Your Client will Apply  Business Loan using the link which you will provide.

2. The application should be apply only with a Client's phone.

Now Share this Linik To your Client

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