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Axis ASAP Digital Saving Account is the New age digital saving account offered by Axis Bank. All you Need is your Aadhar, PAN, and other basic details to get your account started. 

Your Profit 

Flat Rs380 for each successfull account opened.

Profit Tracking Time

Within 7 Days from the Date the Lead form was Submitted.

Customer Type

Age Group : 22+

Type : Salaried professionals, first-time jobholders and Business ownerswith steady cash flow.

Steps to Open an Account


1. Select and Copy the Link given Below and Share it to Client's Android phone through Whatsapp, Email, Text massage or any other source.

2. Ask The Client to Click on Shared Link, Check their basic pre-filled details and add any other required details, accept the terms and conditions and submit.

3. Once Submitted, this lead will automatically created on your CP-Kendra ID and Client will be redirected to Google Axis Bank Web page..

4. The Client needs to complete the rest of the process on the Axis Bank website.

5. Client Has choose either ; Easy Access' or ;Prime' catogiries of the saving account from the category list and click 'Apply Now'.

6. Verify Mobile Number and enter PAN Number and Click on Continue.

7. Customer Name Will Be fatched from the PAN number provided by them, Check the name and Click on 'That's Me.

8. Enter the Aadhar Number and OTP

9. Fill all the personal details and Continue.


10. Your Client needs to complete tyhe video verification process.

11. on the funding page, ask your client to select " Add only debit card charge for now' and your client needs to pay Rs 590/- to get the Axis bank Debit Card.

12. You will earn Rs 380/- for every successfull account opened


13. The amount will be reflect in your CP-Kendra Dashboard within 7 days.


Rules Must Be Followed

1. Your Client will have to open Axis ASAP Digital account using the link which you will provide.

2. Your Client must sign up successfully by paying the debit card fee of Rs 590/-. 

3. Client or you should not open multiple accounts using a single mobile/laptop.

4. Client must finish the process within 3 days of starting the journey.

Now Share this Link To your Client

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